Community Fitness Classes

Our Community Fitness program focuses on functional movement, strength, skill, and speed training. This full blown group workout is great for those with a little bit of previous workout experience!  During class, our trainers will take you through a dynamic warmup, strength or skill work, and a "workout of the day".


Our group fitness classes can be tailored to all fitness levels. 


Personal Training

Perfect for anyone who has a busy schedule and can't make a group class time, for those who have a specific goal or event they are training for, and beginners who want a private safe space to hone their skills before jumping into group class.


Nutritional Guidance

At Optimus Strength, we strive to not only guide your physical fitness, but also to give you the knowledge you need to make healthy nutritional choices everyday. 

Membership Add-On  Includes:

  • Initial Consultation 

  • 2 Monthly Check-in with a Coach

  • Quarterly Body Composition Scans (DXA Scans) with BodySpec

  • Monthly Goal Calendar 

Program - Function Recovery.png

Functional Recovery

Functional Recovery is our newest class, launching December 7th, 2020!​

Functional Recovery A hyperactive workout combined with functional movements and static stretching. This class is designed to encourage muscle growth and reduce muscle soreness throughout your week of training.


Best Me!

Best Me! is our 5 week challenge program that focuses on healthy nutritional habits combined with a structured training cycle to get you looking and feeling your best during the summer months.

Our next cycle starts on January 31st to March 6th