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Optimus Strength Program Offerings

Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes focus on general fitness and strength training. Whether you're getting back in shape or just getting started our group fitness classes can be tailored to all fitness levels.  During class, our trainers will take you through a dynamic warmup, strength or skill work, and a workout of the day. 


Personal Training

Perfect for anyone who has a busy schedule and can't make a group class time, for those who need accountability coaching, and for beginners who want a private safe space to hone their skills before jumping into a group fitness class.

Personal Training ☝Perfect for anyone who has a busy schedule and can't make the group cla

Habit Based Nutrition

Our Habit based nutrition program focuses on accountability coaching and helping you establish healthy eating habits.

Membership Add-On  Includes:

  • Initial Consultation 

  • 2 Monthly Check-in with a Coach

  • Quarterly Body Composition Scans (DXA Scans) with BodySpec

  • Monthly Goal Calendar 

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