You Don't Need Permission

We are officially 5 months into 2020! May is here and this year has already looked completely different from any other year that most of us have lived. Looking back on the last 4 months can be an actual doozy if you think too much about them. As Texans, we are currently in Phase 1 of reopening the state. For some people this is really scary, and for others it’s super exciting; whichever camp you are in your feelings are valid. We can all agree that the future is still very uncertain but kindness and respect for one another can go a long way.

As summer gets closer we are increasingly able to get outside and enjoy nature amidst this pandemic. Until this week, Austinites had no choice but to go for a hike if they wanted some out of the house entertainment. Luckily, there are plenty of hike and bike trails to explore in the Austin area. Some of us have even been getting out on the water on paddle boards and kayaks. These activities are usually saved for the weekends amidst the daily grind of the 9-5 work life.

This pandemic has given us the opportunity to enjoy the little things and take part in our hobbies a little more often than usual.

Like everyone, we are hoping that this thing is over soon and we can go back to life, with some minor changes for the better. A summertime reopening would be the perfect transition back to life as we used to know it!

How will you enjoy this summer? If this pandemic has taught us anything it’s that life is short and taking time to enjoy it is just as important as building one.

This summer we are giving you permission. Permission to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. Permission to believe in that "unrealistic" dream you've always had.

Start that business.

Take that vacation.

Apply for that new job.

Go back to school.

Adopt the pet.

Buy the house.

Go to brunch every weekend.

Start that fitness routine.

Buy a new wardrobe.

Sell that thing you no longer want or need.

Buy the new car (maybe even your dream car).

Get married.

Get divorced.


Travel the world.

Start a YouTube channel.

Build your own blog website.

Start selling on Etsy.

Whatever you have always wanted to do, now is the time to do it; or at least start working towards it. This pandemic has been proof that your own personal happiness is what’s most important.

Now, we aren’t promoting selfishness or hate for others. What we’re saying is, taking care of your happiness is also important. Stop sacrificing so much. Stop doing things you absolutely don’t want to do.

Guess what? You don’t actually need permission for anything. But, we know you feel like you do. That’s why we wrote this blog. To give you the permission you have been searching for. This is it.

Set your happiness goal and start making a plan. Work towards it everyday. Make your happiness a priority EVERYDAY. Non Negotiable.

Your life will start to change.


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