Who is Optimus Strength?

Optimus Strength was founded in May 2018 by Justin Kerr and myself when we learned that once again, the gym community we were with was going to have to relocate. The term relocate is a little loose, let me explain the entire situation.

Summer of 2017, Justin and I were both coaching CrossFit at Eastside Austin Elite. The owner restarted his battle with cancer and the landlord of the building was raising the rent drastically. He made the decision to close the doors and gave all staff 2 weeks notice. For most of us, coaching was our only source of income and we were forced to search for new jobs.

A local Climbing gym owner got word of our situation and saw a business opportunity for himself. He offered to hire all coaches to start a Functional Fitness program at his climbing gym. With this news came promises of a larger facility, new equipment, and even a sauna... Not a single one of these promises were delivered.

The first couple of weeks we were forced to coach "CrossFit" in a tiny space similar to a hotel gym, except it contained a rig. We couldn't play loud music, drop barbells, or bring our fur babies. All things CrossFitters are known for. Still, we toughed it out until they could allow us to coach our classes in their 6000 square foot garage space next door. This garage had been housing our equipment for weeks but had no permit for the general public to workout.

I need to mention that Justin moved every single piece of equipment into that garage with the help of our community members, at his own expense. NO ONE from the climbing gym, not a single staff member nor the owner, helped us move in. They also failed to clean it... Our community moved furniture that was being stored there, swept the floor, and set up our