What is Your Vision for Your Life Post Shut Down?

Everything looks so different right now.

Easter Sunday was spent streaming our usual church services online and watching children we know hunt eggs through a screen (unless you’re lucky enough to live with one right now). The local parks have closed in order to keep social distancing in place. A day, usually spent in celebration will be remembered very differently for many.

For many of us, this time has allowed us to slow down and if you’re anything like me you’ve spent the time trying to form new hobbies but ended up meeting your thoughts (or demons) or whatever you want to call them right where they are. You’ve started to look inward and try to sort yourself out.

After all, you’ve needed to do this for a while, but life is busy and moves so quickly no one ever has the time to really look themselves in the mirror.

Whatever this time has meant for you, please know that there is life on the other side. Once this is all over we will all try to find some semblance of “normal” but things will most likely never be exactly as they were before.

What does your life after Covid-19 look like? Do you have a new outlook? Maybe you’ve developed new hopes and dreams for your future. If you haven’t, that’s okay too. Maybe you have been able to use this time to improve upon the lifestyle you already had.

Either way, there is going to be life on the other side.

If you aren’t quite sure what you want your life to be like after this, but you know you want a change, ask yourself these questions. Answer as specifically as you want, and dream as big as you want. Don’t hold back.

  • What new hobbies have I practiced during this time?

  • What hobbies (new or old) do I want to continue?

  • What have I deemed “most important” to me?

  • What have I given up or sacrificed during quarantine?

  • What do I need to have back?

  • What can I continue to live without?

  • What do I believe in?

  • Politically?

  • Religiously?

  • Who have I missed the most during this shut down?

  • What have I missed doing the most?

  • What activity will I do first?

  • What place will I visit first?

  • Do I still enjoy my job or am I interested in something else as a career?

  • What would I LOVE to do for a job?

  • How can I get there?

  • What is 1 main goal for the next 3 months?

  • What can I do each month to reach this goal?

  • What resources are needed in order to achieve it?

  • What is 1 main goal for the rest of 2020?

  • What would I like to accomplish by the end of this year?

  • What resources are needed to achieve this?

  • Does this goal align with my immediate 3 month goal?

These questions should just be used as a guide to help you visualize the next 3 months and the rest of your year. When society opens back up we can think of it as a chance to start over. Set new goals, or continue to work towards current goals!

Take the time to write your answers down. Then, take a serious look at them. You may find that you want some drastic changes in your life, that’s okay. You might also find that you are super content with the way your life is and want to keep up the consistency, that’s okay too!

There are no wrong answers here. This journey is yours.

Focus on the Journey.

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