What is Your Vision for Your Life Post Shut Down?

Everything looks so different right now.

Easter Sunday was spent streaming our usual church services online and watching children we know hunt eggs through a screen (unless you’re lucky enough to live with one right now). The local parks have closed in order to keep social distancing in place. A day, usually spent in celebration will be remembered very differently for many.

For many of us, this time has allowed us to slow down and if you’re anything like me you’ve spent the time trying to form new hobbies but ended up meeting your thoughts (or demons) or whatever you want to call them right where they are. You’ve started to look inward and try to sort yourself out.

After all, you’ve needed to do this for a while, but life is busy and moves so quickly no one ever has the time to really look themselves in the mirror.

Whatever this time has meant for you, please know that there is life on the other side. Once this is all over we will all try to find some semblance of “normal” but things will most likely never be exactly as they were before.