What Does A Well Rounded Training Regimen Look Like?

We all know that in order to live a healthy lifestyle we need to be including some sort of training in our schedule. There are so many options available to us but how do we know how much is too much? Or even how little is too little? If I have a goal of weight-loss, how often do I need to be working out in order to see results?

What if your goal isn’t weight-loss? It could be muscle gain, injury rehabilitation, or just general health.

Where do we draw the line on overtraining? How can we diet without creating eating disorders for ourselves? These are just some of the questions I am constantly asking myself and unfortunately the answers aren’t always simple. The answers often depend on you individual goals.

So, what does a well rounded training regimen look like? When we say “well rounded” we are not referring to the training of an elite athlete or someone getting ready to compete in a physique show. When we talk about a well rounded training regimen, we are talking specifically to average, everyday people with personal fitness and health goals.

Please keep in mind that this piece is an opinion piece. We are only speaking based on our beliefs at Optimus Strength. Depending on your goals you may have a different idea of balance.

If you are just looking for information this is a good place to start. If your new to fitness or just trying to do a little gym research we hope the info in this blog post can help you make a life changing decision.