If you've made it this far in our blog series, by now you have a goal you're trying to reach and you're implementing consistency and taking action on opportunities that come your way. Over time, you will probably experience setbacks, or challenges along the way. The way you overcome these setbacks will play a part in reaching your success.

How do you currently deal with setbacks?

Think of that last time you were in a situation that you felt was the universe's attempt at keeping you from being successful. How did you deal with that situation?

Did you give up?

Did you push through and remain consistent with your current plans?

Or, did you re-frame your plan and come up with new and better implementations to reach your current goal?

If you gave up, don't guilt or shame yourself for it. There is always a time and place for quitting something. Pushing through and sticking to your current plan is a decent answer, but may not always be the RIGHT answer.

How can you know what's going to help you overcome your setbacks?

When choosing how to move forward after a setback we must do some thinking. First, we should try to figure out HOW the setback happened. Is it something that we caused/could have avoided? What can we learn from the setback in order to do better moving forward? Is this setback a cause for a new plan of action or can we just stick to our consistency and move past it?

Once we've answered the above questions, we can come up with a plan of action. If the setback could have been avoided, we will have to figure out how we should have avoided it and then remove that action from our plans. If, you realize that you in fact "messed up" and could have avoided a problem, GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. Do NOT shame yourself or feel guilty. Realize the mistake, acknowledge it, and move forward.

Let's say the setback was not the result of a mistake, but instead was out of your control completely. In this case, you have 2 options; 1. Get angry, freak out, and waste energy on this thing you can't control, or 2. LET IT GO!

If the obstacle is out of your control then you do not want to waste your energy and focus on it. Stick to your plans and move forward, leaving the setback behind. In this case, you may want to do some critical thinking and re-evaluate your current plans. Is there something you could add or take away (something you can control) that would make this same issue less of a problem next time?

If the answer is yes, then, go ahead and alter your plans just a bit.

Moving Forward Mindset

Once you have overcome a setback, we hope you will feel a sense of accomplishment and probably huge relief. Like you've conquered something! This feeling may not last forever. Whatever you do, try not to focus on avoiding setbacks. That mindset will only cause stress.

Instead, shift your focus to your success. Focus on your actions and trusting your plans to bring you towards that success that you want. Take what you learned from the setback and apply it. Remind yourself of WHY you want the things that you want and HOW you are going to get them.

As always, you must trust the process.


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