Optimus Strength is Switching to....

SugarWOD and ZenPlanner are finally fully integrated and after a few weeks of testing we are ready to roll SugarWOD out gym wide! SugarWOD combines social media with workout tracking software. Think of it as the Instagram for your fitness.

The SugarWOD app is free on your phone and free for you to use. All you have to do is download the app and create your account.

iPhone download:

Android download:

Once you've created your account, select Optimus Strength as your gym and start logging!

All weekly workouts will be posted and you'll even get a notification the night before! How cool is that? No more wondering what tomorrow's workout will be. You can even go back and log any previous PRs (1RMs, Fran Time, etc...), and any workout you do on your own outside of Optimus Strength!

Not only is SugarWOD useful for logging results post workout, it also offers YOU the chance to look over workout prep notes (written by head coach), movement demo videos, and your past performance on the particular workout all in one place.