Jumping Back into Your Fitness Routine Post Shutdown

If you live in Texas you are likely looking forward to getting back to the gym on May 18th! We are excited to reopen with lots of added precautions and cleanliness protocols. Social Distancing and personal hygiene are not the only pieces of returning to the gym successfully. 

The other thing you need to be considering is your body. You have likely been participating in our OS at home programming or another type of at home workout regimen. This is great and has allowed you to maintain a satisfactory level of fitness for the duration of this shut down. However, you likely have not picked up a barbell or performed pull-ups in almost 3 months. 

This is going to affect your return to the gym. 

Taking time off can do wonders for our bodies. Time away from heavy weights and stressful workouts for time can do wonders for our physical and mental well being. After 3 months away we are all itching to get back under a heavy barbell. Jumping in head first at full speed could be a recipe for disaster. 

Showing up 5 days a week and going all out during the first week back in the gym is cause for injury; which will lead to frustration. As we prepare to reopen and participate in group classes we need to determine the best workout schedule to ramp us back up to whatever our regular schedule was before gyms were forced to close. This schedule is going to look different for everyone. As a gym, we have some suggestions to make your transition back to full on fitness as successful and injury free as possible.