How to Create a Daily Schedule During Quarantine

Right now we are all being asked to stay home. Some of us are working from home, while others are out of work completely. Either way, your daily routine is probably starting to fall to the wayside. We no longer have a daily commute and therefore we are all probably sleeping a little later and some of us may not be changing out of our pajamas at all.

If you have kids, maybe you have become a homeschool teacher all of the sudden. If you don’t have kids you may have decided to foster an animal, or maybe you’re spending this quarantine time completely alone. For introverts like myself, you’re probably thankful for the much needed alone time, but if you are extroverted, you could be starting to feel a little antsy.

The one thing we all can benefit from right now is routine. Regardless of what your new normal looks like, you need to create some semblance of a routine for your days. Everyday may not look the same, but everyday needs to have a schedule that you will follow.

Last week we talked about making the best out of this shutdown. We gave some goal setting examples and ideas on how you might be able to help your local community. Now, let's talk about creating a schedule for those ideas and start putting them into action.

What Does Your New Normal Day Look Like?

Before you can create a schedule, you need to know what activities your day is going to consist of. Will you workout? Are you trying to learn something new during this time? Do you have to teach your children? Are you still working?