Gym Etiquette

If you're relatively new to a CrossFit style gym odds are you're nervous. You're about to attend your first class and your one goal is to not embarrass yourself (and to not die). There are several things to know before jumping into a class for the first time; what to wear, when to arrive, and how to behave in a gym environment where the equipment is not bolted to the floor (a non globo gym). In this blog we are going to discuss gym etiquette that we practice at Optimus Strength. Likely, these rules are also practiced at most other CrossFit type facilities and can help you get through a class without accidentally offending anyone.

1. Do NOT drop an empty barbell!

This rule is first because it is by far one of the most important. If you're just starting your fitness journey you are more than likely going to be training with an empty barbell for a bit; ie. a barbell with no weight on it. You're also going to see the entire class dropping their barbell in the middle of the WOD.

Do NOT drop your empty barbell.

Why? Well for one, the sound is horrendous. Like nails on chalk board horrendous. And two, dropping an empty barbell can easily damage it. The barbell spins on bearings on each end, dropping the bar can break these bearings and the bar will no longer spin. This means the bar will not be able to be used anymore.

Why can a weighted bar be dropped? The weight plates (assuming they are rubber) act as a shock absorber.