Focus On The Journey: #GOALS

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

What is a Goal?

Goal: An aim or desired result.

A goal is something you wish to achieve over a certain amount of time. Goals can be long term (take years) or short term (weeks). You can set multiple goals throughout the year or 1 big goal, it's totally up to you! Goals can be used to help you improve your self or your life and find success over time.

You can set a goal around absolutely ANYTHING! Fitness goals, health goals, career goals, family goals, personal goals, this list can go on and on... Maybe you have dreams of being amazing at baking, you can set goals to help attain that skill.

Setting A Goal

When is the right time to set a goal? The answer may shock you, the time is NOW. That's right! Right NOW. Why? Because there is NEVER a "right time" to do anything, and if you wait for the "right time" for something, you will most likely never do it. So, think about that thing that you really, really want for yourself or for your life. Do you want to save money? Get healthy? Find a new career?

Now is the time to start working towards it.