Focus On The Journey: Excuses

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Why do we make excuses?

Excuses are something we as humans use all of the time. Sometimes we use them to avoid a problem or task, other times we use them to avoid taking responsibility for something. Either way, excuses are often lies that hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Sometimes excuses can be useful. In the instance where we need to avoid an unsafe situation or a bad decision. Maybe we are trying to stay away from a toxic person in our lives. These are times when excuses can be used for the better.

But most of the time, we are making excuses about something we are afraid of. Maybe you have this big dream of applying for a new job or even running your own company, but you tell yourself "you're not good enough" or "you're not ready". Both of these are just excuses to avoid taking a small risk that, if successful, could better your life!

Sometimes, we make excuses to avoid doing things we believe to be selfish. We live in a society were being overworked is glorified and taking care of oneself is selfish. That could not be further from the truth. I personally, have had to re-teach myself that spending money on my self care and well being is 100% okay! It may seem "selfish" but if you aren't taking care of yourself in every way, how can you expect to take care of any other responsibilities? How can you expect to excel at work, or take care of your family? If you aren't making sure your own needs are met, then you really aren't taking care of others around you very well.

How can we leave our excuses behind?

Dropping the habit of making excuses is really, REALLY hard. For a while, you may have to catch yourself every time you're about to make an excuse and change your pattern of thinking.

Next time you're thinking that you'd like to start working out. DON'T tell yourself that "it's too expensive" or "Well I'm not in shape enough to start". That is the point!! Do you have to be full in order to go eat at a restaurant? NO! That would defeat the entire purpose of going to the restaurant in the first place. Starting a fitness journey is exactly the same, you don't need to be "in shape" to start. The point of starting is to get in better shape.

If you want that new position that just opened up at work. Don't listen when you start to tell yourself that "you aren't smart enough" or "they'll never choose you". These are excuses based in fear. Fear of failure or rejection. You need to be telling yourself WHY they WOULD pick you and fill out that dang application!

It's never too late to start, do, or be something new.

we often hear that we can't grow without change, but we can't allow change to happen if we are always making excuses. We all have this picture in our minds of what we want our lives to look like, and that person we want to be. The only thing holding us back from this is our daily actions and the excuses we make to back up our bad habits. Once we can ditch those excuses and change our habits, we can start to become exactly who we want to be.

Simple. But not easy. Dropping excuses takes a lot of self monitoring, but once you master it you will start to see all the positive changes you were avoiding before.


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