Maybe you don't want to be great, maybe you just want your life to be good or better than it is right now. We've been focusing a lot on goals and taking control of our lives but how do we do that? What's the key to reaching our goals and being in control?

The Answer... Consistency

Consistency is the act of doing things over and over again. Now, in some situations this can be seen as madness and can be detrimental. But, in the right context, consistency is the key to your desired results. Whatever they may be.

How can you be more consistent?

Consistency comes with having a plan. You must know what your desired outcome is and then execute everyday. Consistency is all about routine. Whatever you are consistent in, will become your life.


  • When you say you're going to do something, do it. Don't procrastinate until you forget about it.

  • If you make plans with someone, stick to them. No more backing out last minute. If you need to cancel, cancel well ahead of time.