At Home Fitness Apps Are Not Enough: Why You Need A Fitness Coach

There are plenty of apps on the market right now promising to be your perfect fitness coach. They guarantee results in the comfort of your own home. All workouts are pre-programmed into the app and you usually choose what body part you want to work or the type of workout you want to do that day. You then get a video with a “coach” demonstrating what you are supposed to be doing.

The truth is, anyone who is sedentary will see quick results from just adding some light movement into their daily routine. This is a great starting point! But after a few weeks you will start to plateau and see fewer bodily changes, heck, the weight on the scale may even start to go back up!

Although these fitness apps seem like a brilliant idea, they come with some inherent flaws that will never be ironed out. The lack of an actual person watching you move leaves tons of room for you to incorrectly perform the exercises which could lead to injury in the long run. These incorrect movement patterns could actually leave you with LESS strength gains!

Most of the general population cannot perform a simple air squat correctly due to years of sedentariness and incorrect instruction. The classic Push-Up is another inherently simple workout movement that leads to shoulder injury when done incorrectly. These two movements are the basics to any fitness program and if you don’t master them you can forget seeing any long lasting, pain free results.