5 Popular Diets of 2020 Vs. The OS Nutritional Approach

Everywhere you look there’s a new fad diet promising instant results. The rise of the social media Influencer has made fad dieting more mainstream and spread faster than ever. The more popular diets of today aren’t all bad. Some of them hold some tried and true eating tips but the problem lies in education of those attempting to adhere to the latest diet trends.

At Optimus Strength we believe in taking a balanced approach. Not labeling foods as “good” or “bad”, but learning to view food as fuel for the body. We educate our members on eating with intention. We do not endorse nor discredit any of the diets we list in this blog post. We simply did a little research and want to pass along the information for those who are interested.

5 Most Popular Diet Trends of 2020 (so far…its only February)

1. Volumetrics

We were honestly surprised that this style of eating had a name. The Volumetrics Diet is based on eating mostly foods low in energy density (aka calorie density) and high in nutrient density. In this diet, foods are not categorized as good or bad, but instead based on their energy density.

Volumetrics breaks down food items into 4 categories: