Habit Based Nutrition


At Optimus Strength, we strive to not only guide your physical fitness, but also to give you the knowledge you need to make healthy nutritional choices everyday. 

Membership Add-On  Includes:

  • Initial Consultation 

  • 2 Monthly Check-in with a Coach

  • Quarterly Body Composition Scans (DXA Scans) with BodySpec

  • Monthly Goal Calendar 

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Are you struggling with what the “right” nutrition and fitness plan is for you? 

Have you regained the weight that you worked so hard to lose?

Are you looking for a customized plan just for you?

Do you feel overwhelmed with so many different diets out there?

Would you benefit from accountability and support with your nutrition program?

Are you bored with your current fitness routine?

Have you tried other gym routines only to stop going due to a lack of accountability? 

If you answered, “yes” we want to help!